Monday, April 25, 2011

Shamboozled: The Scramble for Africa

How insidious. How effective. How current. I'd only like to add the following: As a person of African descent, this kind of information is extremely important to my personal evolution, and that of the entire diaspora. But I would be remiss if I didn't point out the fact that we (America) are doing the same thing over in the Middle East.
Our military is leveraging existing rifts between ethnic groups in Iraq and Afghanistan for its benefit, arming one side against the other. This time, our government can't hide behind the guise of "saving the souls of savages." So, we're "saving them" from their cruel, dictatorial, murderous governments. Funny how we're selective about which murderous dictatorships we choose to dethrone.

There's a shred of good news in this. Having this information makes the solution clear and simple, although not easy. We must lift the veils. European imperialism has been so effective because they conquer more than lands and bodies; they conquer minds. What's more is, these acts are only committed by the malevolent few, whose poisonous schemes leech into the minds of the general population with ease. Because nobody really wants to confront the truth (I said it wasn't easy). Even the conquered, those who are hurt the most by it, don't want to acknowledge the deception. No one wants to believe they've been had so easily. But we have.

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