Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thanks, Georgia Anne

I have a top five list. It goes like this: Chaka, Erykah, Van Hunt, Bilal, and Georgia Anne Muldrow. The list is not intended to be read in any particular order. I've got a different story about falling in love with the music of each artist. They've each been the backdrop for different phases, places, ideas and so forth. I've taken a break from each of them too. But Georgia stands alone.

Stop Punishing Yourself for Your Past

Stop putting up with crap just because it was the same crap that you used to do. It wasn't okay when you did it, so it's not okay when someone else does it to you. You don't have some karmic duty to make amends for your past wrongdoings by allowing someone else to abuse or mistreat you.

In fact, you have an olbigation to inform that person that they're wrong (since you now know better). If anything, let their behavior be a mirror of your past transgressions. A reminder of what you used to do.