Sunday, May 1, 2011

On Suns and Planets

Dontcha love it when a Twitter discussion leads to a personal epiphany? One of the tweeters I follow, @at1_ment, posted some interesting information about introverts and extroverts. For me, it was a revolution in the way that I perceived the world. Here's a summary:

Introverts are like the sun. We radiate our own energy, and we tend to pull others into our gravitational sphere of influence.

Extroverts, on the other hand are like planets. They breed life, and give purpose to the energy emanated by the introverts.

Both are necessary, and need one another. In our lives, we may inhabit these roles fluidly, switching between them when necessary. Yes, a "sun" can exist without planets, but it's a lonely existence.

So what to do with this information? Why was it a revolution for me? It explained why I attract the kind of people that I do, and why I often feel drained by them. As a "sun," I attract planets, and I have to make sure I have rest and quiet time in order to recharge the energy that I've given away.

Similarly, I now understand that extroverts need outlets. I know many extroverts who seem restless, negative and needy. What they need is to be able to create and build. To rotate like a planet and bring ideas to life.

I've realized that we all have a position to play, and once we recognize it, we can work together to ensure that everyone gets what they need to maintain balance.

Do you know any introverts who seem lazy, irritable and distant? Suggest that they get some rest or do something rejuvenating, like go to a spa.

If you know any extroverts that seem negative, co-dependent and shiftless, encourage them to get involved in an engaging activity, one that allows them to see the fruit of their work.

Then enjoy the beauty that unfolds, as everyone plays to their strengths.


  1. I love this. Growing up as an introvert, I often thought of it as a liability and have consciously sought to become less shy over the years. But I love your message of acceptance for whatever personality type you are as well as your outlining the positive aspects.

  2. Awesome! I'm glad this spoke to someone. I also felt that way, but this new revelation really opened my eyes and let me know it's ok to be me.