Saturday, June 4, 2011

“Construction” with Muhsinah

Muhsinah is a DC-bred singer-songwriter whose name is on the lips of may industry taste-makers, but whose sound is hard to categorize. And therefore hard for the mainstream to digest. She’s worked with new-soul darlings Foreign Exchange, most notably on “Daykeeper,” which was nominated for a Grammy. Alas, she remains unsigned. While this can be frustrating for us fans, it also means there’s a wellspring of opportunity for Muhsinah to continue to carve her own space in the industry, or outside of it, for that matter.


Below is the video for her song, “Construct,” taken from her Oscillations album. I chose this song because it’s the perfect showcase of Muhsinah’s smooth harmonies, unique approach to melodies and lyrical prowess. It’s a great introduction to her work for those who aren’t familiar, and it’s typically a favorite amongst those who are. So get into this one-woman musical force before everybody else does. Visit her website, and keep up with her on Twitter. She’s one to watch.

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