Saturday, April 24, 2010


Thanks for checking out my blog. It's yet another corner of the internet dedicated to one aspiring writer's need to express herself. Who am I? Good question. I'm Sunset, and I find myself chasing sunsets. Often. Ever elusive, yet constant, the sunset has always been alluring. The sun is always setting and rising, leaving its dynamic footprint across the sky. And yet, it's always maintained its mystery; it's always kept me wanting more.

I'm chasing sunsets for the fun of it. It's all about the journey. People say that all the time because it's true. And since I have no clue where I'm going, I might as well reflect on what I encounter on my way to whatever awaits me at the end of it all. Then again, maybe I'm like the sunset: always evolving and traveling, destined to leave my own footprints across the sky. Maybe my beginning is my end, and I'll always be getting started just as soon as I'm finished. And if that's true, then so are you. So, let's go.

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